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3D-RO Bodypack
Our Price: $800.00

Note: This product can only be used with Sensaphonics 3D Active Ambient earphones, Models 3D-1q, 3D-2q, 3D-1, and 3D-2.

This new generation of the 3D Active Ambient bodypack, and a fully compatible upgrade for the original, provides the following additional features:

Record Out – 3.5-mm mini-jack that provides access to the ambient sound “heard” by the system’s binaural earphone mics, with full 3D directionality. By sending this output to a digital recorder, it is now possible to capture the 3D experience.

Bass Boost – A new internal switch that allows the user to select a +10 dB boost to bass response when needed. This new feature is great for DJs, bass players and drummers, providing the extra “boom” that so many desire!
dB Check
dB Check In-Ear Level Analyzer
Our Price: $300.00

In-ear sound level analyzer for Sensaphonics and Shure earphones.
LEMO to dual-XLR input cable
LEMO to dual-XLR input cable
Our Price: $100.00

9-foot balanced stereo input cable (for use with 3D-L bodypack mixer)
3D Earphone replacement cable
3D Earphone replacement cable
Our Price: $75.00

Field-replaceable cable for 3D-1 and 3D-2 earphones.
Dry & Store Zephyr
Dry & Store Zephyr
Our Price: $75.00

Electronic desiccant system for earphones and earplugs
Filters for ER Series Musician (Pair)
Filters for ER Series Musicians Earplugs (Pair)
Our Price: $70.00

Pair of Etymotic replacement filters for Musician Earplugs
Shure 3-button IEM cable for iPhone
Our Price: $50.00

Shure earphone cable, Model CBL-M+K-EFS, designed for using your IEMs with most Apple devices.
Shure 1-button IEM cable for smartphones
Our Price: $50.00

Shure earphone cable, Model CBL-M-K, designed for using your IEMs with most music-enabled phones.
Earphone replacement cable, coaxial, silver/clear, 52-inch
Earphone replacement cable with coaxial earpiece connectors
Our Price: $40.00

Silver/clear 52-inch replacement cable for 3MAX, 2MAX and 2X-S earphones with coaxial earphone connections.
Earphone replacement cable, 4-pin
Earphone replacement cable with 4-pin earpiece connectors
Our Price: $40.00

Spare/replacement cable for 3MAX, 2MAX and 2X-S earphones.